Hello Precious Reader ... I am Clare Henry

Clare Henry



Artist ~ Reiki Master ~ Tour Leader

Show Host on 'Revelations' ~ Unknown Country.com

Writer/Producer of 'Arcanum' with William Henry for Gaia TV

'Young Living' Essential Oil Representative

                                      The journey of life is a rich and intricate box of chocolates whether short or long. 



This is the place I find myself at this time, with the words I share with you. 

A bridge if you like, from one arena to the next with one step at a time, a path weaving and bending with high's, low's and even stop's and starts...Yes, the river of life is a 'corker' of a journey.


The lessons learned, albeit hard at times within the storms of maya, elevate us closer to our ultimate destination. As the ancients before us once proclaimed, the gifts we are given from the struggles in our lives are more valuable than gold and when recognized, can really help us evolve in our ultimate goal here on earth. To learn to embrace that which we fight against or dislike, is one of the key's to advancement. We often only 'get it' toward the end of our lives.

In time, with patience, open hearts and trust, we grow in understanding and wisdom, reaching a plateau of peace in our lives. If we get it right and tick all the boxes, we will not have to return to this dimension and start all over again until we do 'get it'. The choice is ours.


We return over and over, lifetime after lifetime to address unfinished lessons with the same souls, dressed in different bodies and faces, until we understand the reunion, step out of the energy of that lesson, release it and move on. These golden nuggets are simple to understand if one was viewing the bigger picture from above the plateau of earth and deep within our consciousness. It is when we 'go Home' at the end of our earthly lives, that we truly understand this statement.


To grow older, in wisdom and grace, is the biggest gift of all. To tread gently upon the earth, to speak softly to our fellow friends, family and strangers, whatever creed, color or religion, is what it is really all about. Yes, it is that simple.

Surrendering the fight to exist in a corporal controlled world, opening the hearts of Mankind with patience and love creating a peace on earth that far exceeds the wake of yesterday. Now we're talking!

It is so importamt to grasp the fact that whatever one does, thinks or speaks against another soul here on earth, will eventually bounce back to bite that individual on the but. Words become swords, ripping through the fabric of one's karma. Cruel actions, closed rigid belief's and intended deceit can wreck the very path one walks upon and stall the evolutionary process of that soul. 

So called friends, betraying you behind your back, ridiculing you for your thoughts or actions. Who are we to judge another! How clean are one's footprints, what glass house do we live in, that can be destroyed by another through careless words and actions?

Yes, all of this... matters.    


As a dedicated lover of fresh, healthy food and growing my own vegetables, I still marvel at the fruit or vegetable that has started from a small seed and grown to a ripe and delicious feast for our consumption. Like a fine wine that has fully matured, the human race do the same! We mature in time and in all ways if we are willing and paying attention to the bigger picture. Nurturing our growth in the right way is paramount to our evolution.


An avid seeker of the truth of our atomic roots, our ancestry and our spirit family beyond the veil, like many, I strive for answers. Yes, Clare is most happy to be digging deep in delicious books, searching for clues in breathtaking churches and temples around the world, dissecting the ancient texts, exploring or sitting in the stillness of my stillness in nature and finding peace in the sanctity of Heaven within.


I Spend much time outdoors in and with nature. The essence of the earth is a powerful tool for the human body and using ancient wisdom from our ancestors, we can elevate the frequency of the body, thus helping the body to function at a better rate with less health issues, even eliminating them in some cases.


There is powerful energy to be found in the echo of the trees, the plants, flowers, animals and birds...everything that exists. Sound is crucial to our evolution. It is in the fabric of the earth, the rocks and mountains, even the water. When one looks at the grid system that trees create below the ground, to communicate with each other, one can see clearly how we as humans do it too! We sense others and have different feelings to those we meet each day on the path of life. Every living thing is connected as a collective. Musical tones, the arts, yoga and prayers, all of these gifts and more, assist the body in a fast evolutionary process towards enlightenment. Traveling to the other side beyond the veil, is part of my daily bread. It has taken me nearly 61 years to grasp a better meaning of life and what the footprints of our breath can muster as 'Atomic Beings". Like every human being, I still have a long way to go in order to know all the answers, but in time, will get there in the end, we all will. 

A lover of life and all living things, embracing every special moment each day, I acknowledge that we sometimes forget to notice how wondrous this planet is as our day unfolds before us and we evolve within that graceful process... I am grateful for it all.

Feel Blessed in this beautiful world! Live each moment to the full. The gift is ours. Time is short, live it well.

May we all complete the mission of our journey that we came back to earth to achieve...with grace, ease, love and gentleness in our hearts.



                                                                                        ~ Clare Henry ~


Cathedral Rock ~ Sedona, Arizona

The Temple of Karnak ~ Egypt


The Step Pyramid

The Temple of Abydos ~ Egypt

The Temple of Philae ~ Egypt

Entrance of The Great Pyramid ~ Egypt


William and Clare Henry at The Carter House ~  Egypt

                              Clare and William Henry

standing at the original entrance of The Great Pyramid, Egypt 2014.


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