Mysteries of the Philosopher’s Stone (Episode 1)



Secrets of the transmutation of the human soul are hidden within the metaphorical imagery of the philosopher’s stone and rods of power. This symbolism can be traced back to ancient Greece and ancient Egypt where the gods who bore these tools held sway over transmutation and eternal life. These concepts carried on through the Hermetic texts which inspired the Gnostics and 15th century teachings of resurrection. Both of which were controversial for their times. These secrets have permeated mystery school teachings across the ages. All the while, such symbolism found its way into countless paintings, sculpture and music. Clare and William Henry explore the mysteries behind the recurring imagery of the rod and stone to reveal the esoteric secrets of resurrection, immortality, and the ascension of the soul in this presentation originally webcast March 18, 2014.


Van Eyck and the Mystic Lamb (Episode 2)


Jan van Eyck is one of the most significant painters of the 15th century. His techniques were revolutionary and his illumined visions inspired centuries of aspiring artists. The pinnacle of his achievements is the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. Coveted by powerful leaders and admired for centuries by aspiring artists, this work has already transformed humanity. Many believe that its fourteen panels contain the secrets of human transfiguration and serves as a map to the lost Arma Christi. As the altarpiece in the Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent, Belgium, it draws the viewer in to become a part of the sacred proceedings in order to discover its powerful secrets. To uncover these secrets, Clare and William Henry guide us through the history and works of Jan van Eyck, to reveal its arcanum of ascension and the secrets of the Ark of the Covenant in this presentation originally webcast March 18, 2014. WATCH NOW...

Transfiguration Icons and the Holy Light (Episode 3)

As you gaze upon a masterpiece, you may find yourself inexplicably drawn into the imagery, forming a special connection with the art and artist. Within some of the most compelling works, we will find sacred mirror imagery that connects us with the holy light of ascension. When you contemplate these mirrors, you will see them reflected within you. Then you will find that you become open to your own process of ascension. Ancient traditions considered mirrors to be a magical tool where one could receive messages from beyond. Through the years, the concept of sacred mirrors evolved into icons - imagery that could assist one in drawing down the transformative powers. Clare and William Henry examine these transfiguration icons as found within many different works of art throughout the ages in this presentation originally webcast March 25, 2014.


The Quest For The Chintamani Stone (Episode 4)

By the 20th century, legends of transformation and ascension stretched across the globe. As two major world powers engaged in warfare during the 1930s, they also struggled for spiritual conquest. Ancient Buddhist traditions tell of a chest that fell from the sky which contained a magic stone that had the power to manifest wishes. This magic stone was depicted in various paintings through the ages, and the legend of its actual existence intrigued countless seekers. Just as intriguing was the fabled land of Shambala, which represents a golden age of peace and wisdom. He who held the stone held the key to Shambala. Thus the race to recover the mythical Chintamani stone and discover the secrets of Shambhala was born. Clare and William Henry reveal the mysteries of Nicholas and Helena Roerich which inspired FDR to initiate the quest for the Chintamani stone in this presentation originally webcast April 1, 2014.


Washington and The Third Temple (Episode 5)

Washington D.C. is considered to be the seat of power for the western world and the U.S. Capitol may hold the greatest secrets of ascension that mankind has ever known. As the dome was placed upon the capitol building, its place in history was sealed as the third Temple of Solomon. Adding to the mystique, Constantino Brumidi was hired to bring his unique sense of arcanum to the interior artwork. As an artist painting for the Vatican, Brumidi was able to gain a unique perspective of the imagery and symbolism associated with ascension and apotheosis. Symbolically encoded within his works, including the Apotheosis of George Washington, we will find his insights to the wisdom of Thoth and Enoch. Clare and William Henry explore Constantino Brumidi’s artwork within the capitol building, revealing the secrets of Washington’s and Enoch’ ascension in this presentation originally webcast April 8, 2014.


Botticelli and The Divine Spark  (Episode 6)

Discovering the higher self is an important part of ascension, which has been depicted in many artistic ways. For example, Sophia is the personification of wisdom and the Ladder of Jacob is a pathway to that wisdom. An important part of this arcanum is to understand that everyone is part of a greater universal whole. Depictions of the higher self call upon us to expand our awareness beyond our natural world and into this greater universal mind. Mystics from ancient Buddhists to the Gnostics knew of this divine connection and attempted to convey this wisdom through their artwork. Few have done more to artistically convey this knowledge than the Medici family in 15th century Italy.Clare and William Henry reveal many symbolic ways that this divine spark has manifested through the minds and works of artists such as Sandro Botticelli and William Blake in this presentation originally webcast April 15, 2014.


Star Boats of The Gods (Episode 7)

For ages, water has symbolized the boundaries lying between spiritual and physical realms. In ancient Egypt, the Nile was literally the river of life and represented the way to the afterlife. Thus we find the first depictions of boats as vehicles for souls making the transition. Since then, this imagery has found representation throughout the various eras of art history. Enchanted boats, guided by mythic ferrymen, travel along these currents to transport passengers into alternate realities. Could it be that the ferryman is a depiction of the higher self guiding the self into other realms of existence? Clare and William Henry explore the symbolism of enchanted boats to depict vehicles used for ascension, resurrection and gateways to the stars in this presentation originally webcast April 22, 2014.


The greatest of all the mystical teachings is the ascension of consciousness so that one can transcend the physical body and earthly realms. This practice, often depicted as a rainbow body or cloak of light, has always been reserved for the greatest of gurus and ascended masters. Despite each of us following our own unique paths of karma and destiny, the rewards of this practice are no longer beyond the reach of anyone.Various mythologies, from Ancient Egypt to Christianity, have their own explanation of what this cloak means and how it has passed through the ages. In fact, we can follow the direct lineages of these secret teachings through paintings. No matter the tradition, they all agree that this shimmering cloak is a means of transcending the physical bodies and the earthly realms.Clare and William Henry investigate the arcanum of the rainbow body of light as depicted in many works of art from Egypt, Tibet and Christendom in this presentation originally webcast April 29, 2014.


The Rainbow Body of Light  (Episode 8)


Akhenaton & The Holy Light (Episode 9 )

From the heart of the galaxy, passing through the inter-dimensional gateway of our sun and reflected by the moon, we are continuously irradiated with divine light. Detecting this subtle spiritual energy requires a shift in our perceptual senses. This can come from spiritual initiations such as baptisms and special theurgical rites where this higher dimensional energy illuminates those who are open to receive it.

During the reign of Akhenaton and Nefertiti, a religion was established that worshiped this holy light that they called Aton. We can see their reception and transmission of this spiritual energy in the countless works of art. We also see strong correlations of these concepts within Christian artwork where the holy light is prominently displayed in depictions of the baptism and resurrection of Jesus and the Pentecost.

Clare and William Henry reveal the secrets of this divine light and how we can use it to achieve ascension in this presentation originally webcast May 6, 2014.


Ascension Thrones of The Ancients (Episode 10)

Images of wheels with wings feature prominently in early Christian artwork. Many have speculated that these are portrayals of alien space craft or inter-dimensional portals. But if we look for an advanced technological explanation for these images, we may be missing the greatest secrets in all of human history.

As we look to the Book of Enoch and examine the details of Elijah’s ascension, we see these depictions in an entirely different light. These winged wheels become vehicles for ascension and resurrection. Thus we have the symbolic representation of the Merkaba, from Jewish mysticism, which unlocks even deeper secrets of transfiguration and resurrection.

Clare and William Henry explain that these images of ascension thrones, depicted as wheels with wings and eyes, represent the crossover of Merkaba mysticism into Christianity in this presentation originally webcast May 13, 2014


The Lost Secrets


Mary Magdalene's Ascension (Episode 11)

The allure of Mary Magdalene has inspired countless artists and mystics for centuries. As the supreme initiate of Jesus, she holds the key to unlocking the greatest occult mystery of resurrection. Her powers of ascension can be traced through a sacred lineage that includes Enoch’s transfiguration and the Aton of Akhenaton.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of her mysteries is the alabaster jar of chrism. When one is anointed with this oil, he or she is instantly transformed into a radiant body of light. Perhaps this is what happened in the tomb when Mary anointed the body of Christ. Many images of Mary contain esoteric symbols that suggest she may indeed have learned the secrets of Aton and transfiguration.

Clare and William Henry explore the lost secrets of Mary Magdalene’s ascension as told though the esoteric symbols that often accompany her images in this presentation originally webcast May 20, 2014.



Secrets of The Shroud of Turin

The First Icon (Episode 12)

The shroud of Turin is the most mysterious relic in all of human history. More than just a relic, it is a holy icon written in the blood of Christ. In the presence of the shroud, one is urged to contemplate the death and transfiguration of Christ. Thus, it becomes a portal to higher dimensions by transmitting spiritual power.

Evidence left on the shroud suggest the resurrection of Jesus was accomplished by his physical body turning into a body of light. The image of the face on the shroud bears a strong resemblance to many 6th century painting of Christ. Perhaps the message of this icon is to find the purifying mysteries that will bring you into a life of light.

Clare and William Henry examine the history and authenticity of the shroud of Turin, suggesting that it is truly the first icon of transfiguration .



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