Preparing for Death...and Ascension (Re-Birth)

 Clare Henry's Near-Death Experience

"Going Home"

My understanding of Death comes from the incredible Near-Death Experience that I had in my mid twenties. The word Death for me has taken on a new meaning and catapulted my understanding of our existance here on earth.

For me Death stands for " Divine...Eternal...Ascent...To...Heaven". It is not the end, on the contrary, it is THE BEGINNING.


Long time questions were finally answered, in this life changing phenomena!

I my book, "Sacred Reflections", I recount the true story of what millions of others encounter too. A journey across the rainbow bridge, to beyond the veil. Standing on the bridge of life and death and deciding which way to go.

I chose life and retuned back into my body, to continue on my path of life...changed, upgraded and with a very different view of what earth was all about and why we are here. 


The concept of fear, pain and suffering did not exist in that realm across the bridge between two worlds. Time was irrelevant.  

There will be a day, I am sure, just as the Scriptures and ancient texts tell us, when the world will look at things in a very different light and a far more spiritual way of life will be our daily bread.  On this day the veils will be lifted.  Osiris will stand tall (the waking of Djed). The sleepers and dreamers will awaken. A Heavenly world will be revealed at last.

This incredible experience, which many people have encountered, has led me to an unshakable understanding and belief.

We need not carry any fear on our journey here on earth. A strong statement I know. Our creator, the Heavenly realms and the Angels have watched over us all our lives and, in spite of our fears, have brought us through all the joys, trials and tribulations of our journey here on earth for a good reason.  In the grander scheme of things, we have much to look forward to when we have mastered the "University of life" and we will eventually be guided safely home through the veil of Death, emerging into the light.  And then, "our cup shall over floweth".

Be careful what you wish for, dream clean, live in light and embrace this glorious existence with all your heart.

Love with all your heart...and be kind.

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     Clare Henry 

© 2013 by Clare's Sacred Treasures. 

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