Some say there is an Angel in all of us. I believe that is true. A large portion of society would perhaps not agree with me but Angels are among us all, loving, guiding, nurturing and sustaining us while we tread the path of life in these challenging times.

How do I know that?

I am not an Angel scholar. I am an ordinary person who has experienced many extraordinary spiritual encounters with Angels and spirit beings in premonitions and visions.  The most profound being a Near Death Experience, which I share with you in my book "Sacred Reflections", and a life changing premonition of Princess Diana, who saved my life from a mass car pile up on M27 in England. Every human being on the planet have a link to "The Other Side", beyond the veil of the 3D reality we reside in, here on earth. Our Spirit guides, the Angels, the Prophets and Masters are very much with us and have been since the beginning of time and before that!

I know they are real, with every bone in my body. I love them with every cell in my heart.

Sacred Reflections is about life’s journey with the Angels.  Its 300 pages feature a collection of well over 430 hand-picked and delicious paintings of Angels from birth to middle age, through to what we call death. Life never ends. These beautiful and sacred images are presented in full color to inspire, awaken and give you comfort in the Divine Grand plan of life here on earth. The angels have an important message for each of us.

We are not alone in our journey.

Sacred Reflections is a gentle reminder to those who walk this beautiful earth and experience life, that they do not do so alone. We walk with the protection and love of our Creator, Spirit guides, Masters, Prophets and the Angels. They are are here and have always been here since the beginning of life on earth, to guide, protect and nurture us with love …to help us steer our ships to enlightenment. Their highest hope is that we become like them.  Now, more than ever before in history, the world is receiving massive help from these Divine Heavenly Beings.

I have always loved Angels and Angel art and enjoy feasting my eyes upon many of the incredible images that have been painted over time. In my journey of discovery while writing this book, I was surprised to find so many unknown and breathtaking works. Now I am thrilled to share them with you.  From Gustave Moreau to Gustave Dore, Elvira Amrhein to James Christensen and Thomas Cole to Filippo Lippi, and so many more, I have found what I consider to be the best of the best.

You will enjoy spending time turning the pages of the book. Each image in the collection brings insight, comfort, joy, beauty and peace into your life. It is a book for all Angel followers, including children.

Angels are very much a part of the fabric of our being and they visit us in many different forms at any given time.

Each one of us have the ability to communicate with our Angel. We learn so many things here on earth, we too can learn how to live our lives with Grace and ease by linking in with our higher selves and walking with our beloved Angels. By acknowledging them from your heart and connecting with them,  you can start living in this world in a better way, clear of worry, fear and illness. A peaceful domain that is yours for the taking. This is their gift to each and everyone of us.

It has been a joy to create the book and my Angels guided me every step of the way from start to finish.  Within 20 minutes of the sudden inspiration to begin the book, I found myself writing the poem that is tucked within the first pages. I am not a poet but perhaps Shakespeare would be proud! Like the book, it is written from my heart with love from me to you.

Enjoy the journey.

Clare Henry.


© 2013 by Clare's Sacred Treasures. 

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