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"Sacred pictures are a reflection of our heavenly selves. They inspire us to remember our divine roots.” Clare Henry

For centuries certain works of art have been revered for their power to uplift the mind to the spiritual realms. They are sacred doorways into the spiritual world. The majestic beauty in each painting, when coupled with the mystery they convey in their visual language leaves a powerful tool for contemplation, meditation, reflection and transformation.

I have searched some of the world’s most holy places to bring you the “Sacred Reflections” collection to help all those in their search for inner peace and enlightenment.  Each piece is carefully handmade by me using the finest materials. Creation of each piece is done as a meditation as well as creating an object to aid to meditation. The glossy finish creates a “sacred mirror”. You’ll see your reflection in the mystical image and open a doorway within to your spiritual realm.

The Gnostics taught:

“The image itself will show you the way,”  and that “Enter (‘the Divine Realm’) through the image.”


“All these sacred images take me back to another sacred time, another Heavenly dimension and are hauntingly familiar in their own right. They are all made with love FOR YOU to enjoy!”


SMALL 10.5" x 8" $98.00 + $10 p & p (only red, black and brown)
MEDIUM 13" x 9.5" $148.00 + $10 p & p (all colors)
LARGE     16" x 11.5" $198.00 + $15 p & p (all colors)
X-LARGE 16" x 20" $282.00 + $20 p & p (all colors)
All images come with their own unique stand hand-picked by Clare.

Choose the image you would like, the size you prefer, then match it to the color background. Small images only come in red, black and brown.  Then complete the ORDER FORM at the foot of the page.​

Please allow up to 21 days for delivery.


If you have a special painting you would like me to ‘Clarify’, I would be happy to do so. Call (615) 292-5397 for a personal consultation or for special orders.

If you would like to be notified when new Sacred Reflections are available online please email Clare at with your contact information.

Please note: Clare's Sacred Reflections are one of a kind items. All sales are final. No returns. 

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