" Sacred Reflections" by Clare Henry 

Absolutely beautiful throughout.  Love, love, love the book.  Thank you Clare and Spirit.  What an amazing book!

~  G C ~ Kansas



I LOVE  your most gorgeous book.  It is beautiful, elegant and dripping with all that is sacred.  I have been quite greedy and have been hoarding it up in the Treehouse…but I will eventually share…!

~  K A ~ Arizona


This is the most beautiful book I have seen in such a long, long time.  The resonance is pure grace and will no doubt uplift anyone who thumbs through the pages.  It came to me yesterday and I felt transformed just within a few glances of the profound beauty.  Thank you Spirit for the artists who channeled your love and Clare Henry who is God’s messenger.

~  M F  ~ Los Angeles, CA

We love the new book!!  Just watched the “Judgment Day” DVD by William last night to prepare for the book.  Always inspiring!  Lots of good things coming!

~  D B ~ Connecticut


Clare, knowing my love for the Angels, my Mom surprised me this Christmas with your amazing “Sacred Reflections” book.  I am in awe of the photos you collected and feel calm, yet energized when I look at the images.  I was touched by your near-death experience and I think that explains the vibration I felt when I first met you in Nashville.  Thank you for creating this beautiful collection of images! 
The two Angels that really touch me are the “Head of a Boy Angel” by Abbott Handerson Thayer (on page 168) and the “Men and Angels” by James Christensen (on page 286 – that Angel reminds me of you).  My children love the images in the book and the Angels.  Yesterday morning as I drove my daughter to school, a large cloud that immediately reminded me of a large Angel wing was in the sky.  Before I could say anything, my daughter told me to look at the actual Angels in the cloud.  She was right; there were many Angels in the clouds…

~  C F

A special thanks to Clare.  I had just finished a session with Marla Frees, who showed me your beautiful book, “Sacred Reflections”.  She had it sitting on the table during out session and although the cover image was up-side down, I couldn’t help but look at it during our conversation.  Imagine my surprise when she picked up the book and showed it to me!  Well, it was love at first site, and I’ve just finished ordering my own copy.  I know I’ll spend many hours looking at the exquisite pictures, both for enjoyment and as a catalyst to my own journey.  Many thanks for your unique, helpful, and stunning efforts.

~  E M ~ California


Every page of this magical book opens the mind to the wonder of the angelic realms.  Clare has magnificently created a masterpiece assembling wonderful joyous art with a wealth of information relating to the journey of life for the human soul!  Also sharing her personal story and extraordinary spiritual experiences, bringing her to this moment of creative application for everyone to enjoy.  Thank you for this beautiful book.

~  D T ~ UK

"A Cosmic Coincidence"

I want to commend you on your absolutely beautiful new book.  I initially ordered your book for myself, but due to unforeseen circumstances it became a life-changing gift for my mother.  Your book was a catalyst for an amazing 2012 Cosmic Coincidence that oozed true Love!

A few days before Christmas my beloved Mom went in for a routine gaul bladder surgery.  When I was told she was having the surgery, the first thought that came to mind was when Clare’s book arrives I will gift it to my all deserving mother. 

Long story short, during surgery it was discovered she had pancreatic cancer and it had spread to nearby organs.  She awoke to find half of her organs had to be removed.  Initially, the doctors gave her a rather dire prognosis of 1 to 5 years.

Naturally, I rushed to my mother’s bedside.  In a moment of trying to comfort her, I told her a special book was on it’s way – “Sacred Reflections – Our Journey with the Angels”.  I showed her the pictures on the web and she seemed to light up!  Later, as I was searching out a cup of coffee, I took a walk down the hall and immediately noticed a beautiful inlaid star on the floor.  Following the star and looking ahead I noticed a spiral (galaxy) inlaid into the floor.  Wondering what would be the next sign, I looked up and realized these 2 symbols had led me directly into the hospital’s sanctuary, The Sacred Reflections Room (filled with stained glass Angels).  It was an awe-inspiring coincidence.

When I relayed to my mother the cosmic coincidence it brought tears to her eyes.  By that evening, the healing of her traumatic surgery had increased enough that they let her walk for the first time.  She went straight to the Sacred Reflections room.  She was in heaven…
The next morning (Christmas Eve) I had to return home, but I told her when the book arrived I would jump in the car and bring it to her.  At 8 pm Christmas Eve I had a strange feeling to go grab something from the car.  To my surprise, the package with the book inside, was sitting on the hood of the car!  My wife and I had not planned on being at the hospital on Christmas day but we headed to the hospital at 4 am.  It ended up that my mother had her entire family with her (3 sons) for the first time in years.  She said the book was “the most incredible gift she could have ever received”.  Every walk she takes, she goes straight to the Sacred Reflections room.  Every visitor she had throughout Christmas day inevitably picked up the book admired the Angels and even commented. It felt like their presence was in the room. 

After we left the hospital and arrived home, my mother called with good news.  The pathology tests were back.  They believe they got the cancer and the prognosis has gone from 1 to 5 years to possibly living a somewhat normal life.  The doctors say her healing over a couple days looked like someone who had been healing for weeks.  They were amazed.  I just wanted to share the Christmas miracle you and your beautiful book helped to bring to fruition.  Thank you Clare!

~  CS

© 2013 by Clare's Sacred Treasures. 

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