"The Magic of Thomas Cole" ~ A new book by Clare Henry

Discover the beauty behind these  four exquisite paintings ~  Allow me to share the magic within that has changed my life immeasurably.

My new book, The Magic of Thomas Cole, reveals the river of life within all of us as we travel through the stages of our life on this earthly plane.

This delicious book takes you on a journey with the trusted help of Cole's four wondrous paintings called 'The Voyage of Life' series that adorn the walls of The National Gallery in Washington D.C.

The boat featured, is captured in all its glory as a symbol of the soul sailing across the sacred river of life toward the golden realm of Paradise and symbolizing our earthly voyage from Conception to Death and onto the afterlife into the worlds beyond.

Each step of the way, the voyager is laid bare as he travels along the river in his boat, assisted at all times by the guardian Angel who oversees and guides him every step of the way. Within the elements of the paintings, his journey is clearly defined, showing us quite simply that we have nothing to fear in this 'University' of life, if we could but TRUST in our journey and have Faith in our footprints.

Thomas Cole was an English-born American artist who was considered one of the great landscape artists in the world.
It was his aim to portray in all his landscapes, the spiritual meaning which he drew from nature. His travels around the world enabled him to master the elements of all seasons, in all weathers, capturing all terrain within his works.  His desire to teach a strong, spiritual and moral lesson within his many commissions, was positively received by his large audience and fans throughout his life.

These glorious paintings were considered his finest and have captured the simplicity of the subject beautifully.  The soul is an enchanted boat, an incredible journey, the voyage of a lifetime. Paradise is the ultimate destination.
We are not alone in our journey.

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