Within the Hologram that we create for ourselves each and every day, stands a precious  and sacred doorway...

If we are Brave and Trusting...we can enter through it and encounter an extraordinary and beautiful experience within the  journey, with great lessons, leaps and strides digested on the way.


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trust in your Guardian Angels and spirit guides...

'They' ..The Spirit World, can see us through the thinning veil around the Earth, but we are unable to see them or other Spiritual phenomena because we are only able to see the limited 7 colored spectrum of rainbow colors from red to violet.
Furthermore, for something to reflect the narrow spectrum of light visible to us, it has to be in our energy field composed exclusively by 'our' atoms. It has to be our gross matter. Anything made of more subtle matter would be transparent to our light and therefore invisible to us.


The advantage of this intricate limitation of the body's sensory organs is to allow the soul on earth to focus its attention on the human experience and get the most out of its lessons.

The disadvantage of our sensory limitations is that they make us live in apparent isolation of a body where we forgot our real identity. Most of us do not want to even believe, even if they are told, that there is a much 'bigger' reality and picture than the one we perceive.

For some, seeing beyond the veil to these more advanced realms, would make our present life impossible, so it must be remembered that there are many things 'out there' that we cannot see because of the limitations with our sight and not because they do not exist.
there are those who do not wish to "see".
 for those who can "see" beyond the veil, raising their vibration to a much higher and faster frequency is a major key to one's link to the other side. 

We are only able to see 1% of the Universe according to science! that one out! 

I LOVE my visions and connection with the Spirit World and Hierarchy of life would be incomplete without that Heavenly connection.
The boat, being the symbol for the soul, sails close toward the ultimate 'connection' of Heaven and Earth within ourselves...The Golden Age... the reason for being!
This is what this time is all meet up with the Glory within ourselves, that has been hidden, cobwebbed and dusty for so long.
Enjoy the voyage ~ Life is precious! 
                                                                                                                        Image by George Grie.

© 2013 by Clare's Sacred Treasures. 

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