I went to Egypt in 2012 with William and Clare Henry and had an amazing, unforgettable time, so when the opportunity to go to Sacred France came along in 2013, I jumped right on it.

I didn't know what to expect, I had high expectations for this journey and this trip far exceeded anything I could have expected. I learned so much, experienced so much and most importantly started to remember who I really am.

I feel we literally did go into another dimension and I know I am forever changed by this amazing journey. William and Clare do everything first class and are wonderful people! 

Go with an open mind and see what magic happens.


                                                    Chad Schmidt, Colorado.

Dearest Clare and William,


Our sacred pilgrimage to France was such a great and profound experience that is still working wonders in our lives.

Thank you to you both.


                                                   K.W. Seattle.

Hey William and Clare, I wanted to Thank You for the amazing experience you created for us all and let you know it was priceless. We had the most amazing time with you guys.

I believe truly in everything you both represent : )


                                                     Dan Barron , Connecticut.

Dearest Darling Clare and William,


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,  what a journey!!!

How wonderful it was to actually get to meet you both at last.


Wow, what a journey it was huh?!!!   Amazing and Magical, in so many ways, and with so many amazing Beings...physical and otherwise: ) 

'Thank You' to both you and William for providing the space and opportunity for so much magic to happen. I was SO incredibly Happy and Grateful to re-connect with it all in beautiful France with you leading the way so professionally.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


                                           Alessandra Pra Love, Australia.

Hello Clare and William,


It was a true joy to travel with you and William on this AMAZING tour to France. 

Thank you for everything.


                                                          H.C Australia.

Dearest Clare and William,


I can't thank you enough for the amazing journey we shared in France! I'm so peaceful and happy. I miss everyone, which is so strange in a way, but we felt like one big happy family.

I have been transformed in so many ways and loved every moment spent with you and the others.


Again, it was like Nashville and the connections I made with people as much as the journey itself. The two of you are so inspirational and I have so much love in my heart for you both. I feel blessed to know you and to have shared these moments with you.


I had so many emotions and feelings in France, but the overwhelming one was of love.

France was incredible, with the precious souls we were with.

Thank you.X


                                                          C.F. Virginia. 


Dearest Clare and William,

I wanted to send you a much deserved testimonial.

It was one of those coincidences that I came across the web sight of William and Clare!
And I liked what I saw...
I bought some materials and watched avidly, than I noticed they were
advertising a "mystical Tour of the Southern France...I managed to join the Tour,..
It was a Blessing..
Right when we met at the airport it was more like a reunion of "Souls" that got together.. We gelled and by the end we were as ONE!

Each day added to the day before and we learned some more.. We all experience things differently so you too will experience what is pertaining to you ... it will be a
Buy some materials to learn and go on a Tour if you can however, do join their mystery
School...the information is incredible.
We become as Beacons of Light to many other Souls and just as the Light of the light house guides ships ashore, we too will guide others and together
Peace will come and Love abounds.
In Love and Light
                                                         John M, Australia

Dearest Clare and William, First of all let me say what a fantastic experience the tour was for me and how blessed I am for it and for having been gifted with such a terrific group of folks with whom to experience it all.

HUGE thanks once again for your excellent tour planning and William for your brilliant contributions to the experience, and to Clare for your sage wisdom, beautiful heart, and for presence-ing such tremendous LIGHT!

Know that I've been immensely expanded by ALL of you, my fellow sojourners!!

So excited to be joining you once again in Egypt!


                                                       Ig. Vige, Oregon.

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