"This Egypt tour changed my life. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to experience deep sacred site healing vibes, while being guided by true  experts in the field of ancient Egypt and spiritual exploration. Thank Clare & William Henry".

Victoria Jane , England. 



Dear Clare & William, 
I want to thank you both so much for providing the opportunity for me to experience Egypt in what I consider to be the best way possible. The container that was created was safe, beautiful, kind, informed, luxurious and so much more... 
The Beauty, magic and mystery of Egypt is still blowing my mind and my experiences were profound. You both share such deep knowledge and wisdom that resonates with me deeply, and assists me in remembering who I am.
The journey was beyond what I could ever imagine and my time there is gift that just keeps on giving. Thank you, I am grateful.
Leslie Zerman, USA

"Thank you so much. I'm filled with the love and appreciation for the magic and mystery of Egypt with you both at the helm".

Keith Cini 

"The trip to Egypt was life enhancing and life changing.


William and Clare and their dedicated team in Egypt took care of everything, meeting our every need down to the finest detail. The itinerary was well considered and sufficient time was given to explore the temples and museums visited, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions or engage in discussion if we chose to. 

It was an added bonus to hear informative talks given by William, which made the tours even more meaningful. 


Our privacy was always respected which meant that we could assimilate our experiences, and the information given, in our own time. Having our own allocated time in The Great Pyramid was a special and unforgettable experience. 


The hotels and Nile boat excursion were first class with excellent food and staff and an experience not to be missed. There was a lot of fun on the trip with the group bonding well and sincere deep connections being resurrected.


William and Clare made everyone welcome and feel part of the group. Safety was  never an issue. In fact , we were all very well looked after with a  good balance between excursions, leisure, shopping ,recreation and talks . This was a trip of a lifetime ."



Alka Sharma ~ England

Dear Clare and William,


I would like to take this time to send to you deep felt gratitude for gifting us with an exceptional tour and exemplary service that you and William provided from the moment we arrived in Cairo to the time that we were dropped back at the airport. I didn’t have to worry about anything including the Mena House Hotel reservations as it was already done for us which made the trip even more amazing than what it already was and more than words can describe.


It was the perfect combination of adventure, sightseeing and relaxation.My best friend Loretta and I chose your tour because we sought a deeper connection to the Divine, to have some adventures in the temples, do historically research and to find ancient knowledge that was left behind waiting to be found again at the right time etc. You sure did deliver beyond our expectations! Everything we did and saw was fantastic, but what stood out for me was the chanting in the temples and watching how it changed the feel of the sacred spaces. My camera picked up on the energy shifts through the lens and you could see what was happening around us which was astounding and mouth dropping in awe with wonder and fascination all happening at the same time.

Sailing on the Nile on the Yacht was so peaceful and calming it was remarkable and even the air was different as you took each breath. I have traveled all over the world for several years and nothing compares to the Nile River and what happens once you embark on this journey.

This tour was truly remarkable and the group cohesiveness and friendships that were made and sights will remain in our memories forever.

It is clear that William has been able to pierce the veil and see what others have missed in the Ancient Egyptian teachings, rituals and art. He has connected the dots again for us to see and remember.

There were several “Aha” moments for all of us as he presented them to us. We became a “family” of travelers and not strangers which is a huge credit to Clare and William and the crew on the boat. This journey will never be forgotten but cherished for a lifetime.

Thank you for a lovely and life changing experience.


                                        Kimberly Wood. 

"Egypt. The name alone evokes images of beauty, love, mystery, temples, pharoahs, priestesses, spicy aroma, magic and Ancient Knowledge. And believe me, you will receive all this and more on a trip with William and Clare Henry.

No matter who you are, there appears to be some kind of pulling or tugging in the Heart when we begin to explore the Motherland. Don't resist this pull. Go visit.

Be prepared to be amazed, let go of something that no longer serves you, remember who you really are, and connect with the energies to help you change your life. As you journey from the Sphinx and the Pyramids to ancient temples and sacred places, you will be riding on the back of the Great Nile, floating among the energies of the Milky Way, rocked in the arms of the Loving Mother Herself.

Dreams, visions, experiences, laughing and being in bliss will propel you forward. And really, what is there to resist? Find yourself. Remember your destiny. Connect with your Soul Family. See through the illusions of time and space into other dimensions of reality. Go prepared or unprepared. It does not Matter. Egypt knows what you need and why you have come.

I loved every minute of it, especially all the sacred chanting and the connection to the Great Mysteries. So...Listen to the Calling of Love in your Heart. Pack your bags. Take a cute hat. Wear comfy shoes. Take camera and lots of batteries. And simply go. You will forever be changed".



                                                Loretta Brown

Clare and William,

I had the privilege and honor to go to Egypt in March. William and Clare were very open and friendly and greeted us with a smile. I felt very comfortable and safe in Egypt.

Egypt was an amazing journey as we felt like we were taking the same journey as the Pharaohs and seeing mostly what they saw. The scenery alone is amazing. The energy of Egypt was amazing. To be with such friendly faces and people were eager to share their knowledge and gifts with us. I was amazed at how our group was very diverse and yet all were able to share their experiences and gifts freely. The lectures on the ship before we went to the temples was amazing and great because it gave us great insight to what we were about to see. The energy and color in some of the temples were beautiful beyond words.

I was fortunate to be apart of a group that got early access or special access to temples and you could truly become in tune with the energies and wonderment of the area. The most memorable moments actually to me were the early morning sunrises at the Sphinx, in Philae and at Deir el-Bahari. The morning sunrises were amazing and energizing. Then energy inside the temples is beyond amazing. I am still integrating all the energies and “downloads” I have received from my journey. Two weeks in Egypt is worth it. I cannot wait to return and spend possibly even more time there.


William and Clare are the best tour guides I have experienced yet in my 36yrs. They even blessed me and my roommate with a surprise on our birthday (which was the same day surprisingly) which was unexpected and made us feel special. I was blessed to be able to use my Reiki on some of my new friends I met there and we really helped each other and had fun as well. I will say that I have known William for almost 20yrs and my only thought now is, why did I wait so long to go on one of his tours. I can say now with certainty that I will book my next land tour for sure with William and Clare as I want to see the world I want to see with my eyes and with them showing me the “hidden” meanings to what I am excited about.

France and the UK are next on my list and I am blessed to know that William and Clare also go to these places. Looking forward to our next journey together.


                                             Michael Kopf

"There are tours, and then there are TOURS. I've had the privilege of being on not one but two of the Henrys' sacred quests. Both were beautiful experiences of personal discovery while I was lovingly supported and assisted in my experience. William and Clare individually are remarkably gifted beings who are a dream to travel with. Together they are a dynamic team who are able to hold space for their travelers like no other. "Trip of a Lifetime" screams the marquee in my mind!"


                                             Ignatius Vigé

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